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After The Fall

  • Albany, NY

As One Man

  • Chicoutimi, QC

Audio Visceral

  • Vankleek Hill, ON

Avec Plaisir

  • Montréal, QC

Bad Cop / Bad Cop ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Los Angeles, CA

Bad Luck

  • New Jersey

Bad Waitress

  • Toronto, ON


  • Calgary, AB

Bike Thiefs

  • Toronto, ON
  • Bio
  • Bike Thiefs

    Bike Thiefs are a chatty post-punk trio that sound like a cross between Parquet Courts and a late-night conversation with Charles Bukowski.

    Comprised of bassist Kris Pandierada, drummer Andrew Fasken and guitarist/vocalist Marko Woloshyn, Toronto’s Bike Thiefs absorb music as quickly as one would expect from a group of millennial audiophiles. Pandeirada cut his teeth producing hip-hop beats in his basement; Woloshyn holed up in his room wringing the ink out of Leonard Cohen sheet music; Fasken immersed himself in the world of 2000s punk rock while booking shows and playing in a handful of hardcore bands.
    Over the past few years, Bike Thiefs have refined their cool cocktail of speakeasy vocals, slashing guitars and primal rhythms into catchy post-punk anthems. They’ve kept busy touring across Canada and the United States, opening for various international acts including Wavves, Antarctigo Vespucci (Jeff Rosenstock & Chris Farren) and The Dirty Nil.

    Bike Thiefs signed to Stomp Records in 2020 and are releasing their debut full-length album this fall. It was recorded with Josh Korody (Dirty Nil, Weaves, Dilly Dally) at Candle Recordings in Toronto.

Blurry Eyes

  • Montréal, QC


  • Montréal, QC

Boss’ Daughter ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Reno, NV


  • Quebec, QC


  • Jonquière, QC

Bring the Light ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

Brutal Youth ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Toronto, ON
  • Bio
  • Brutal Youth

    Brutal Youth est le résultat explosif d’un train hors de contrôle remplis de dynamite qui fait l’amour avec Tony le tigre. Assistez à des hymnes punk rock effrénés de 120 secondes à saveur d’un coup droit à la mâchoire qui vous laissera édentés avant même que vous sachez ce qui vous à frappé!

    Énergétique, crue, honnête et tenant la musique punk à cœur, Brutal Youth est une formation causant du grabuge depuis plus de 6 ans. Formé depuis 2010, le groupe ne perd pas de temps et enregistre un premier album brutal et fantastique intitulé « Spill Your Guts ». Peu de temps après le lancement de cet album, les membres du groupe décide de quitter leur ville natale de St John’s à Terre-Neuve afin de déménager à Toronto. Après s’être installé dans leur nouveau quartier, Brutal Youth a rapidement gagné l’attention des locaux avec leur performances-éclaires et prouesses saignantes à haute intensité. 6 mois plus tard, le groupe était déjà en tournée à travers le Canada et les États-Unis. Dans une rafale de chansons écrites, le groupe enregistre en février 2012 un 10’’ partagé avec les membres du groupe montréalais Tightrope. Peu de temps après ce lancement, et toujours dans un élan créatif, la formation retourne dans les studios en octobre 2012 afin d’enregistrer leur deuxième album « Stay Honest » qui est sortit en avril 2013. Ils lancèrent une tournée afin de célébrer la création de cet album.

    Avec le succès de « Stay Honest » à leur pied, Brutal Youth ne lâche pas prise et écrivent continuellement entre leur spectacle. Le résultat de leur vive imagination est un et un 7’’ « Bottoming out » ainsi qu’une une tournée d’un mois en Europe. Par la suite, ils retournent une fois de plus dans les studios pour un troisième album complet « Sanguine » qui sera produit par Stomp Records. Le groupe se garde occupé avec une deuxième tournée européenne, un retour à la maison ainsi qu’un party de célébration avec le Pouzza Fest et une fête d’inauguration pour Punk Rock Bowling à Asbury Park.

    Brutal Youth a partagé la scène ave The Descendents, Cock Sparrer, The Ste-Catherines, The Creepshow, Off with their heads. Aussi, ils ont eut l’opportunité d’avoir leur album produit par le célèbre Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Alkaline Trio). Brutal Youth sont devenu un pouvoir indestructible avec l’imminente libération de leur album « Sanguine »

    Brutal Youth est comparable à un fusil, pointé-les dans une direction et ils détruiront tout dans leur passage.

    Brutal Youth is what you’d get if a runaway train packed full of explosives made love to Tony the Tiger. These Weird Al aficionados play manic, 120 second, punk rock anthems peppered with sucker-punch hooks that’ll leave you toothless before you even know what hit you.

    Energetic, raw, honest, heart on sleeve punk rock, Brutal Youth have been causing a ruckus for the last 6+ years. Formed in 2010, the band hit the ground running and recorded their first brutally fantastic album, « Spill Your Guts ». Shortly thereafter the group uprooted themselves from their hometown of St. John’s, NL and moved to Toronto. After settling in to their new digs, Brutal Youth gained attention locally with their lightning-fast sets and blood-soaked high-intensity performances. Fast forward 6 months and we find them on the road travelling across Canada, as well as playing shows across the U.S. In a flurry of songwriting the band recorded a split 10″ with Montreal locals Tightrope, which was released in Feb 2012 (My Fingers! My Brain! Records). Never content to rest, Brutal Youth headed back into the studio once again in Oct 2012 to record their sophomore album « Stay Honest » which dropped April 2013 coupled with a celebratory tour.

    With the success of Stay Honest, Brutal Youth began once again writing and recording between clusters of shows and came up with the 7″ « Bottoming Out » (Paper+Plastic 2015) paired with a month of tourdates across Europe before once more stepping into the studio to record their 3rd full length album « Sanguine » set to be released through Stomp Records. More touring saw the band head overseas once more for a second tour of Europe followed by a homecoming where they were invited to play Pouzzafest with NYHC giants Sick Of It All and the inaugural Asbury Park edition of the Punk Rock Bowling festival. They’ve shared the stage with Descendents, Cock Sparrer, The Ste Catherines, The Creepshow, Off With Their Heads and the new album is mastered by the famed Mass Giorgini (Rise Against, Anti Flag, Alkaline Trio). With the imminent release of « Sanguine », Brutal Youth have become an unstoppable juggernaut of explosive face-smashery set to level the musical landscape.

Bucky Harris

  • Montréal, QC

Cancer Bats

  • Toronto, ON


  • Montréal, QC


  • Philadelphia, PA


  • Montréal, QC


  • Calgary, AB
  • Bio
  • Chixdiggit!

    Twenty-five years after forming a band based on t-shirts they made before ever picking up their instruments, Calgary’s Chixdiggit still sounds like catchy summer tunes blasting from car windows. Specializing in three-minute songs that stick in your head for the next three weeks, Chixdiggit has always been more riff than raff. In spite of nearly three decades of a fluid band line-up anchored by singer/guitarist KJ Jansen, their enthusiastic brand of post-punk pop is neither faded nor jaded.
    Jansen makes use of personal pronouns to draw the listener into stories we have all lived, memoirs of summer flings, infatuation, flirting at day jobs, catalogue models and feeling a bit mystified by life. The tales are charming without being corny, unselfconscious and even a bit cheeky, a cheekiness which gives a lot of space to insert a tongue. Some truths are laid bare with humour, and others are knocked unconscious with it. Wrapped up in unshakable melodies and hooks to rival an elementary school hallway you find parody so close to home that it lives in your back yard.
    With a Fall tour and a sixth album being released by Fat Wreck Chords in September 2016, fans of the band have much to look forward to. 2012 is the title of the new album that highlights a full year of the band on tour. It’s an exhilarating experience from start to finish that leaves you feeling like you were right there with them: around the world and back again. All in just under 25 action packed minutes!

Chloe Hawes

  • Manchester, UK


  • Montréal, QC

Cloud Nothings ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Cleveland, OH


  • Halifax, NS

Danny Rebel

  • Montréal, QC

Dilly Dally

  • Toronto, ON

Dirty Cheetah

  • Montréal, QC

Doghouse Rose

  • Toronto, ON
  • Bio
  • Doghouse Rose

    Hailing from Toronto, Doghouse Rose are a fierce punk rock four piece built on perseverance with a smile. Coming from all different walks of life and musical backgrounds, they quickly formed a bond that shines through every time they take the stage.

    Rooted in melodic punk with a hint of new wave and good old fashioned rock n roll, their vibrant melodies, thunderous rhythms, and candy sweet vocals deliver stories about chasing dreams, hard luck times and not taking life too seriously.

    Their fast burning, immersive and often acrobatic live show coupled with touring internationally and playing over 200 shows a year has garnered them an ever growing, loyal fan-base established on genuine connection and DIY spirit.

    Performing everywhere from maximum capacity festivals to maximum security prisons, Doghouse Rose have shared stages with Tiger Army, The Planet Smashers, Supersuckers, The Creepshow, Murder By Death among tons of others.

    Inspired by their adventures pounding the pavement on tour and loaded with feel good, take on the world anthems, “The Harder They Fall” is an explosive and addictive album that defies all expectations.

    “Once in awhile you come across a band that encompasses a look and sound unlike the standard. Doghouse Rose is not your average run of the mill band, far from it” – Canadian Beats

Dollar Signs

  • Charlotte, NC

Dragged In

  • Toronto, ON

Endless Mike

  • Pittsburgh, PA

Fire Next Time

  • Edmonton, AB


  • Montréal, QC


  • Montréal, QC

General Chaos

  • Montréal, QC

Gloomy June

  • San Francisco, CA

Good Riddance

  • Santa Cruz, CA

Greg Rekus

  • Winnipeg, MB


  • Calgary, AB

Hate It Too

  • Québec, QC

Hidden Bliss

  • Québec, QC


  • Québec, QC

In the Meantime

  • Boston, MA

Indian Giver

  • Toronto, ON

Jon Snodgrass

  • Denver, CO

Julius Sumner Miller

  • Calgary, AB

Junk Science

  • Montréal, QC

K-Man & the 45s

  • Montréal, QC
  • Bio
  • K-Man & the 45s

    Appelez ça comme vous voulez, nous, nous appelons ça un SKA PARTY ! Directement de Montréal, K-Man & the 45s est un important membre de la scène ska depuis plusieurs années. Ils ont lancé en 2011 leur premier album intitulé Got Me Movin’ ainsi que leur premier vidéoclip pour la chanson The Red Guy Always Win. Ils ont par la suite pris la route et ont joué partout au Canada. Le mot s’est répandu rapidement que dès que ces gars montent sur scène, le public devient fou ! Est-ce que c’est dû au son rock qu’ils injectent dans leur ska ? Est-ce que c’est le volume et l’intensité du groupe qui s’empare de la foule ? Est-ce que c’est le sentiment d’urgence qui dégage du groupe ? Quoi qu’il en soit, le groupe se donne tellement sur scène que même les non-initiés au ska auront la piqûre ! Souvent entendu dans les spectacles de K-Man & the 45s : « wow je ne croyais pas aimer le ska un jour !»

    En 2013, les gars ont lancé un nouvel album intitulé K-Man & the 45s present The Ska-mones Vol 1, un hommage aux Ramones ! Comment cette idée leur est-elle venue ? Et bien comme les gars sont de super fans des Ramones, ils ont souvent offert â leurs fans quelques reprises du légendaire groupe. Devant la réponse plus qu’enthousiaste du public et la demande grandissante, le groupe a décidé d’en faire un album officiel !

    K-Man & the 45s ont partagé la scène avec des groupes tels que The Slackers, The Skatalites, Catch 22, The Brains et beaucoup plus ! Ils sont présentement en écriture de leur prochain album qui sortira sous peu !

    K-Man & The 45s, where Ska meets Rock and Roll. This Canadian 5 piece band from downtown Montreal is as heavily influenced by old school ska as it is with classic rock n roll. With a fantastic horn section playing catchy melodic lines and blazing solos over an energetic rhythm section, they switch naturally from ska to rock and punk, with surf sounds often not far behind. They draw influences as much from 2 tone bands such as The Specials and The Beat as they do from The Ramones and The Cramps.

    K-Man & The 45s has always felt more comfortable on the road than at home. They have toured the country countless times playing coast to coast. They’ve also shared the stage with a million bands including: The Slackers, Big D and The Kids Table, The Satellites, The Original Wailers , The Planet Smashers, The Brains and I could easily fall in to simple name dropping here and go on and on. No stranger to the festival scene they have headlined The Ottawa Ska festival, The Montreal Skafest, Music For The Masses and headlined a bunch of others including NXNE, KOI music fest, Festival de la Gibelotte… you get the idea.

    Since the release of the 2016 self-titled debut on Stomp Records, K-Man & The 45s have played countless shows across Europe and North America, headlined a ton of international festivals and shared the stage with labelmates The Planet Smashers, The Brains and Voodoo Glow Skulls just to name a few. Their ultra-upbeat blend of ska, punk and rock n’ roll has packed venues, dives and jukejoints in over a dozen countries and has made them an absolute fixture in the Montreal scene.

    Stand With The Youth features 12 tracks of high energy steady-rocking Ska punk gems. The title track was inspired by the students and youth movements rising up against gun violence and finding their voice. K-Man felt that, on most issues, he had a lot more in common with the youth of today than the old goats in power and needed to show some support. While the album at first appears to tackle many of the important subjects of the day, the band chose to follow in the path of ska pioneers to present a positive, hopeful, rebellious, uplifting and sometimes humorous point of view…not an easy thing to do at all. The song “Don’t Touch It” deals with drug addiction and homelessness in an all out punk rocking blitz. “Free To Go”, with its infectious dancehall groove, speaks to domestic violence and the feelings of being trapped while still somehow remaining optimistic.

    There was no direct intention to write an album that covers so many issues such as mental health, addiction, homelessness, violence, spousal abuse, and gentrification. It just happened to turn out that way. Of course it can’t all be serious as the band firmly displays their unique sense of humor in the “Space Thriller” (250K+ views on YT) sequel “Hero With A Death Ray” and singing about the pure pleasure of a cook-out in Jamaica. They also threw in a Ska cover of Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” for good measure.
    For fans of: The Specials, The English Beat, Mad Caddies, The Planet Smashers, Sublime

    “The band creates a contagious proposition from a fusion of ska and rockabilly spiced classic rock ‘n’ roll with plenty more involved, a recipe providing their finest feast of sound yet within their self-titled full-length.”RingMaster Mag

    “With a fantastic horn section playing catchy melodic lines and blazing solos over an energetic rhythm section, they switch naturally from ska to rock and punk, with surf sounds often not far behind.”XS NOIZE


  • Toronto, ON

Lenny Lashley

  • Boston, MA

Less Miserable

  • Calgary, AB

Like a Motorcycle

  • Halifax, NS

Lost Love

  • Montréal, QC
  • Bio
  • Lost Love

    Founded in 2013, Lost Love is a melodic pop punk band from Montreal. To date, the band has played over 350 shows in more than 15 countries across Europe and North America, earning new fans with their uniquely catchy songs at every stop.

    Over the course of their career, the band has put out three full-length albums, with LP4 scheduled for release in later 2021. From their debut 2014 LP, Sparkles, to their more genre-bending 2018 release, Good Luck Rasco, Lost Love has continued to refine their sound without ever losing their trademark optimism and impossibly catchy choruses.

    On their fourth album, Empathy, Lost Love takes everything they’ve learned over the last 8 years and ups the ante by adding a sense of urgency to their sound. 2020 was a year of canceled tours and big questions about the future of the band. Lost Love took those feelings of uncertainty and channeled them into arguably their most focused and personal album to date.

    Change is in the very DNA of Lost Love. But right from the opening chord of a song or album, you instantly know it’s them.


  • Brooklyn, NY

Margaret Tracteur

  • Québec, QC

Matty Grace

  • Halifax, NS

Maxwell Stern

  • Philadelphia, PA

Middle-Aged Queers

  • Oakland, CA

Mikey Erg

  • New Jersey, NJ

Mustard Plug

  • Grand Rapids, MI


  • Montréal, QC


  • Rivière-du-Loup, QC

Pkew Pkew Pkew

  • Toronto, ON

Pope Joan

  • Calgary, AB


  • Albany, NY


  • Winnipeg, MB


  • Brooklyn, NY

Radio Compass

  • Salem, MA

Radium Moon

  • Montréal, QC

Real Sickies

  • Edmonton, AB
  • Bio
  • Real Sickies

    Edmonton’s Real Sickies have released their newest album “Love is for Lovers” via Stomp Records. The band serves up yet another platter full of tasty hooks and punk rock melodies, but this time around with a dash of pop that shows a leap in songwriting craft. Recorded in Edmonton at Rob Lawless’ Physics Lab Studios, the album offers songs that straddle the border between Ramones style aggression and Strokes reminiscent vocal takes. This color-vinyl release includes everything from explosive rockers to heart-wrenching ballads. “Love is for Lovers” is the whole enchilada!

    Everybody knows that love is always best when it’s shared with friends and with special guests. It was only natural then, that they would hire Dave Bacon of SNFU  to add bass and vocals to their cover of T-Rex’s “Jeepster” and for their own “Think of the Sunshine.” When the band was ready to hit their more heartfelt numbers on the album, they enlisted local indie country sensation Lucette. Her soulful and emotive vocals can be heard on the duet “Give and Take.” “We toyed with the idea of a duet for a bit and it made sense for us to keep it local but open up new doors to people we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten a chance to work with,” says singer Ben Disaster of the collaboration.

    The band’s advances in songwriting skill is apparent with this latest release, and with good reason. “The album has been in the works since 2018,” says singer Ben Disaster. “We ended up scrapping songs a few times, I guess maybe more so demoing them and re-demoing them. That wasn’t something we had really done in the past. More go go go go go.” A key part of the equation when listening to their new album is the production influence of Real Mckenzies’ bassist Mario Nieva. Ben and Mario met unexpectedly in a B.C. Ferries restroom while their respective bands were on tour. Ben Disaster says of the encounter, “We hit it off talking about mental health and love and music, basic bathroom talk. Mario ended up playing bass for us on the last night of the tour and we decided to get him to come out and lend a fresh set of ears to the album. That’s when it started taking a new form.” 
    Lyrically the album is a collection of stories about life on tour, wins and falls between friendships and relationships, growth, steps backward, addictions, and moments of sobriety. Singer Ben Disaster describes the theme of the album as “working through the ups and downs with those you love with the overall view that love is for everyone not just what is stated by outdated laws and beliefs.” Regarding the title track “Love is for Lovers” specifically, Ben explains, “I really wanted to address some homophobic comments left on some of our videos by a specific individual. So funny to troll people about that, who are very open ended, so it was finally time to address that and the politics around love.”

    Already the band has charted at #1 on campus radio for their teaser single “Lover is for Lovers” and the album’s official video for “Communication Breakdown” has racked up close to 100k in views on Youtube. The Real Sickies are itching to get back on the road, and their touring history is proof of their dedication to pounding the pavement. The boys have been on the road with influential and acclaimed artists like Stiff Little Fingers, Subhumans UK, Chixdiggit, Real Mckenzies, Guida, 88 Fingers Louie, Mean Jeans, Ten Foot Pole, and a host of others. As the pandemic seems to be coming close to an end, expect to see Real Sickies in a town near you soon. And as Ben Disaster would have you remember, “No matter who you are you deserve love. Love is for lovers, so go out and get yours today!”


  • Boston, MA

Rest Easy

  • Vancouver, BC

Rope Skills

  • Drummondville, QC

Ruby Slipper

  • Montréal, QC


  • Québec, QC

Screaming at Traffic

  • Winnipeg, MB

Short Fictions

  • Pittsburgh, PA

Signals Midwest

  • Cleveland, OH

Taking Meds

  • New York, NY

Talk Show Host

  • Toronto, ON

Teenage Halloween

  • New Jersey, NJ

The Abruptors

  • Buffalo, NY

The Amorphous Blob Orchestra

  • Trenton, NJ

The Anti-Queens

  • Toronto, ON
  • Bio
  • The Anti-Queens

    The Anti-Queens, c’est un incontournable de la scène torontoise depuis bientôt dix ans. Le quatuor formé de femmes uniquement a fait sa réputation à coups de concerts incroyablement haut en énergie et de rock’n’roll mélodique qui n’est pas sans rappeler The Blackhearts, Runaways, L7 et les Distillers.

    Bêtes de scène sans égales, elles ont de nombreuses tournées derrière la ceinture, notamment sur la côte Est des États-Unis mais aussi dans tout le Canada, y compris des passages remarqués à NXNE, Indie Week, à la semaine de la musique canadienne (CMW), Pouzza Fest, Oktoberfest de Beau’s et bien d’autres encore. Ces multiples périples les ont menées sur scène aux côtés de groupes tels que Michael Graves, Die Mannequin, les Planet Smashers en plus de collaborer avec nul autre que Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off The Earth).

    Après avoir fait paraître deux mini-albums de façon indépendante (Grow Up/Stay Young et Start Running), The Anti-Queens nous propose enfin un premier album complet, cette fois sur Stomp Records (2019). Cet album, c’est onze chansons accrocheuses et trente minutes d’énergie brute. C’est aussi une course à travers l’histoire du punk rock avec des références au meilleur du ’77 punk, des clins d’œil au vieux Bad Religion des années 80 et au côté plus pop de Green Day. The Anti-Queens ratissent large mais frappent toujours dans le mille. Un pari réussi et un mélange explosif fort rafraîchissant.

    A staple of the Toronto scene for close to ten years, The Anti-Queens are an ultra hard-working, punked up rock n’ roll quartet of super high-powered women poised to take over the world. They’ve become infamous in their hometown of Toronto for their insanely high-energy, take-no-prisoner live performances influenced by the Blackhearts, The Runaways, L7 and the Distillers.

    They have toured the US east coast extensively, played all over Canada including some critically acclaimed sets at NXNE, Indie Week, Canadian Music Week, Pouzza Fest, 77 MTL, Montebello Rockfest and a bunch more. They’ve shared the stage with awesome bands like Michael Graves, Die Mannequin, the Planet Smashers and have collaborations with Sarah Blackwood (Walk Off The Earth).

    The band has previously self-released two stellar EPs (Grow Up/Stay Young and Start Running) and now gearing up for their killer full-length debut on Stomp Records scheduled for Spring 2019 release!

    « the band brought the energy and rallied the assemblage with thirty minutes of blistering garage punk fit for any early ’90s college basement show.” – Razorcake

    « Their high energy and fun performance is not to be missed » – Canadian Beats

    « One of my favorite revelations was the Anti-Queens, a 4 piece all girl band from Toronto. They were a throwback to the golden days of pop punk, reminding me of fellow Canadians Liveonrelease. I always appreciate a band who you can tell is really having fun on stage. » – Montreal Rocks

The Dreadnoughts

  • Vancouver, BC
  • Bio
  • The Dreadnoughts

    Formé en 2006 au Ivanohe Hotel, bar de East Vancouver réputé pour sa violence, autour de centaines de pintes de bière, THE DREADNOUGHTS s’effila les dents dans les boîtes les plus louches en ville. Rapidement, ils se voient offrir d’ouvrir pour les doyens du punk celtique The Real McKenzies (et du coup de recevoir leur appui) et depuis, jamais ils ne regardèrent en arrière. Faisant résonner violon, accordéon, mandoline, flûte, guitare et batterie dans tout endroit qui voulait bien les accueillir, ils devinrent rapidement reconnus pour leurs concerts puissants et chaotiques. En quatre années d’existence, THE DREADNOUGHTS rejoignit les rangs de l’élite punk canadienne, traînant son cirque infernal jusqu’aux quatre coins du globe.

    Comprenons-nous, THE DREADNOUGHTS n’est pas juste un groupe, mais un mouvement qui croit que le folk et le punk forment une union parfaite. Criant â plein poumons la bonne nouvelle â qui veut bien l’entendre, ils détruisent (et ce littéralement) les scènes du monde entier.

    Musicalement, THE DREADNOUGHTS va où plusieurs n’osent pas aller, soit dans le large éventail de traditions folk européennes. La preuve? N’allez pas plus loin que leur plus récent effort, Polka’s Not Dead. L’album est rempli de polkas, de danses gipsy et de chansons de marins, toutes infusées de l’énergie brute du street punk. THE DREADNOUGHTS prend la tradition folk au sérieux, le punk aussi et Polka’s Not Dead en est le résultat.

    Formed in the dirty and violent back rooms of Vancouver’s infamous Ivanhoe Hotel back in ’06, they’ve been on a cider-fueled bender across the globe bringing their furious brand of celtic polka punk klezmer mayhem to an ever-growing legion of obsessed fans.

    As a band, The Dreadnoughts have been under serious strain: they live in different parts of the world, their jobs and families have taken them away from the music, and of course COVID-19 made any and all in-person interaction impossible. And, let’s be real, their livers are not what they used to be. Under the stress of constant isolation and fatigue, they decided to craft an album that stands as a big, giant middle finger to all of it, a defiant re-assertion of everything they stand for. These are punked up polkas, waltzes, irish jigs, klezmer dances and sea shanties, all absolutely drenched in alcohol and delivered with an angry, defiant scream.

    After ducking and weaving through countless travel restrictions, the Dreadnoughts managed to converge at Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA, to learn, record and mix an entire album in nine days. We’ll say that again: nine days. It was a harrowing, intense experience, one made even more intense by the fact that six guest musicians were recording their own parts in six different cities around the world, and that all of this had to be coordinated with virtually no time. But they got it done. The result is Roll and Go: the Dreadnoughts fifth, and possibly finest, studio album.

    “Folkloristic music still has the staying power to be the life of the party, but the Dreadnoughts are doing us all a favour by giving it just a little kick in the ass” – EXCLAIM!

    « So what we end up with a vibrant, socially conscious album that easily helps justify The Dreadnoughts’ quick rise to fame…. Put simply, anyone who fancy’s themselves a Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly or general celtic punk enthusiast needs this album » – PunkReviews

    « The Dreadnoughts are tight. Everything sounds great, from the violin, to the mandolin and the tin whistle » – The Punk Site

    « They’re definitely harder than The Mahones ever were, and their closest contemporaries would probably be Flogging Molly and The Tossers » – Chart

The Fake Friends

  • Montréal, QC

The Filthy Radicals

  • Toronto, ON
  • Bio
  • The Filthy Radicals

    The name says it all. They down, they’re dirty….And they’re radical as fuck.The Filthy Radicals are a riotous tornado of ska-punk mayhem hailing from the very darkest corners of the Toronto underground music scene.

    Sonically channeling the eternal struggle of the working class between life and debt, with a party hard, scream harder punk rock ethos.

    Their unique take on skapunk and high energy, unpredictable live shows have garnered them a faithful following in North America (aptly calling themselves the Filthy Fam) ensuring that wherever they tour, they’re always in their hometown.

    Think if Mischief Brew, Op Ivy and Choking Victim spawned a horny, ADHD demon seed raised on a steady diet of early internet and the 90s revival scene

    Come out, get down, and Stay Filthy!

The Ghostwrite

  • Pittsburgh, PA

The Homeless Gospel Choir ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Pittsburgh, PA

The Last Gang

  • Los Angeles, CA

The Lef7overs

  • Montréal, QC

The Lookout

  • Montréal, QC

The Penske File

  • Hamilton, ON
  • Bio
  • The Penske File

    The Penske File jouent du punk rock ensemble depuis plus de la moitié de leur vie. Ce qui est tout à fait un exploit étant donné qu’ils sont tous en train d’entrer dans la mi-vingtaine. En grandissant ensemble dans la banlieue de Burlington, en Ontario, James Hall, Travis Miles et Alexander Standen ont vécu beaucoup de choses ensemble. Cela devient évident au moment de les voir sur scène, car ils se nourrissent harmonieusement de l’énergie brute qui les habite. Aucunement étranger à la vie sur la route, ces dernières années le groupe a tourné sans relâche en Amérique du Nord et en Europe, partageant la scène avec des groupes notables tels que Bad Religion , The Hold Steady , Less Than Jake , Menzingers et bien d’autres encore.

    Salvation , leur dernier opus, a été enregistré avec Steve Rizun ( The Flatliners, Nothington ) chez Drive Studios pour capturer l’énergie brute et explosive du groupe à son meilleur. Au fil des 11 nouvelles chansons, Salvation se révèle immédiatement comme l’effort le plus ambitieux et le plus honnête du groupe à ce jour. Entrainant l’auditeur à travers des collines et des vallées émotives, le groupe maintient un son contagieux bien à eux tout en le peaufinant subtilement.

    Avec leurs paroles ancrées dans une exploration existentielle honnête, des accords mélodiques et des hooks anthémiques, The Penske File se sent comme un groupe inclusif parfait pour les marginaux, les romantiques, les travailleurs et les penseurs. En tournée, partout, pour toujours.

    Pour les fans de: Against Me!, The Dirty Nil, The Gaslight Anthem, The Flatliners, Menzingers

    Ce que la presse en dit….

    «The Penske File, de Burlington, en Ontario, se spécialise dans le rock à saveur punk et pop – un son parfait pour la saison estivale.» – EXCLAIM

    « The Penske File est un mélange fantastique, jamais vu ou entendu de folk punk mélodique, pop punk et punk rock. Appelons-le » frère-punk « parce que, que vous les connaissiez ou non, ils se sentent comme vos amis quand ils sont sur scène. » – Scene Magazine

    « Une offre qui fusionne l’esprit du punk avec des mélodies profondément enracinées et des paroles qui font écho à Bob Dylan et Bruce Springsteen, The Penske File ont créé un son qui leur est propre. » – Audioblood

    « En écoutant les accroches optimistes, il est évident que ces trois gars de Burlington, en Ontario, aiment vraiment ce qu’ils font. » – Kingston Music

    The Penske File have been playing punk rock together for more than half their lives. Which is a quite a feat considering that they are all, just now, collectively entering their mid 20s. Growing up together in suburban Burlington, Ontario, James Hall, Travis Miles & Alexander Standen have been through a lot together. This becomes evident the moment you see them on stage as they feed off each other’s every cathartic note with harmonious ease. No strangers to life on the road, the past few years have seen the band tour North America & Europe relentlessly, sharing the stage with such notable acts as Bad Religion, The Hold Steady, Less Than Jake, The Menzingers and many more.

    Salvation, their latest offering, was recorded off the floor with Steve Rizun (The Flatliners, Nothington) at Drive Studios to capture the raw, explosive energy that The Penske File is best know for. Through the course of the 11 new songs, Salvation immediately reveals itself as the band’s most ambitious and honest effort to date. Coaxing the listener through emotive hills and valleys, the record finds the band maintaining their infectious and driving signature sound while building on it immensely.

    With their lyrics rooted in honest existential exploration, open chords and anthemic hooks, The Penske File feel like an all-inclusive band for misfits, romantics, workers and thinkers alike. On tour, everywhere, forever.

    For Fans of: Against Me!, The Dirty Nil, The Gaslight Anthem, The Flatliners, Menzingers

    From the press gallery….

    “Burlington, ON crew the Penske File specialize in poppy, punk-leaning rock — a perfect sound for the coming summer weather.” – EXCLAIM

    “Burlington’s The Penske File have a knack for churning out upbeat, melodic pop-punk but as the harmonica-led anthems indicate, they do so with a fresh twist. One that isn’t too folky but one that delivers a certain charm which would be easily recognizable for fans who watched the band strengthen their sound over the past couple years.” – Punknews

    « The Penske File are a fantastic, never before seen or heard mixture of melodic folk punk, pop punk and punk rock. Let’s call it « brother-punk » because whether you know them or not, they feel like your friends when they’re up on stage. »– Scene Magazine

    « A genre-fused offering that blends the spirit of punk with deep rooted melodies and lyrics that echo Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, The Penske File have created a sound that is all their own. » – Audioblood

    « It’s evident just by listening to the upbeat hooks, that these three guys from Burlington, Ontario, really love what they’re doing.. » – Kingston Music

The Planet Smashers

  • Montréal, QC

The Raging Nathans

  • Dayton, OH

The Speakeasy

  • Montréal, QC

The Static Age (Annulé/Canceled)

  • Chicago, IL

The Venomous Pinks ([COVID-19] Annulé/Canceled)

  • Tempe, AZ

These Fast Times

  • Montréal, QC

Thick Glasses

  • Montreal, QC

Tim Barry

  • Richmond, VA


  • New York, NY

Tired Radio

  • Brooklyn, NY


  • Winnipeg, MB

War On Women

  • Baltimore, MD

Wasting Time

  • Toronto, ON

Wine Lips

  • Toronto, ON
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  • Wine Lips

    Wine Lips, un groupe de garage punk / psych rock basé à Toronto, est monté sur scène pour la première fois à l’automne 2015. Après une apparition à Québec, le groupe a été approché pour une tournée à l’étranger. Cette rencontre fortuite a abouti à une tournée en avril 2018 à Hong Kong et en Chine, où ils ont été reçus par un public enthousiaste. Ils ont ensuite tourné sans relâche en Amérique du Nord jusqu’au début de 2020.
    Wine Lips est composé de Cam Hilborn à la guitare et au chant, Aurora Evans à la batterie, Jordan Sosensky à la guitare et Charlie Weare à la basse.

    « Fuzzy, fort et rapide, Wine Lips est un groupe garage / punk / psychédélique dont la musique est comme une dose d’adrénaline droit au cœur. Un genre de rock n roll sans retenue qui vous donnera envie d’acheter une moto, juste pour la crasher. – Sled Island

    Toronto based garage punk psych rockers, Wine Lips hit the stage for the first time in the fall of 2015. After an appearance in Quebec City, the band was approached with regard to touring overseas. That chance meeting resulted in an April 2018 tour of Hong Kong and China, where they were received by enthusiastic audiences. They then toured North America relentlessly until early 2020.
    Wine Lips consists of Cam Hilborn on Guitar and Vocals with Aurora Evans on Drums, Jordan Sosensky on Guitar and Charlie Weare on Bass.

    “Fuzzy, loud and fast, Wine Lips are a garage/ punk/ psychedelic band whose music feels like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. A no holds barred kind of rock n roll that’ll make you want to buy a motorcycle, just to crash it.” – Sled Island.

Yesterday’s Ring

  • Montréal, QC