Women in the Scene

A round table discussion on the success, struggle and future of women in the music industry


A round table discussion on the success, struggle and future of women in the music industry. Featuring accomplished guest speakers from every facet of the music scene including musicians, agents, promoters, publicists and activists.


May 18th, 2018 5:30pm – 7pm
(panel starts at 6pm)


Club Soda
(1225 St. Laurent Blvd)

Hélène McKoy

Hélène McKoy

Festival Pouzza de Montréal

After working as a publicist for a record label, Hélène established her own booking agency with longtime friend Hugo Mudie in 2009. In 2011, they founded Pouzza Fest. Now in it’s 8th year, Pouzza has grown to be one of the biggest and best international punk rock festivals in North America.

Shawna Potter

Musician, War on Women

Shawna Potter is the lead singer of feminist hardcore punk band, War On Women. She’s also an amp repair technician, an activist, and educator, and the co-creator of the Safer Spaces Program in Baltimore, Maryland, where she trains venues to be more welcoming for all. She’s been performing in bands since she was 14 years old, has toured all over the USA, UK, and Europe, and is currently working on a guidebook for venues and groups who want to become safer spaces on their own.

Dorothée Parent-Roy

Dorothée Parent-Roy

Distribution Select + musician, Vulvets

After working in various venues, record stores and music festivals, as well as a publicist for Indica records, Dorothée Parent-Roy branched out to digital distribution over 5 years ago, when she started working for Believe Digital as part of their trade marketing team.

She has now moved to Distribution Select, where she is the head of the Digital distribution team while helping labels to build their digital marketing strategies. Thanks to many years evolving in the music scene, this music lover developed an understanding of the musical landscape both locally and internationally, as well as a deep knowledge of strategies and best practices on music services.

She also moonlights in an all girls band named Vulvets, in which she sings and plays guitar.

Isabelle Gentes

Isabelle Gentes

Preste, Spectacles et tournées

Isabelle Gentes is a certified social worker, she’s also an accountant (not a CPA).

Both skills are well used in her Business Management services for staring and international bands. She’s also CFO at Preste, Spectacles et tournées

Andrea Silver

Andrea Silver

Musician, Young Galaxy and Dig It Up

At the age of 11, Andrea Silver was given the chance to tryout the “drums” (two tom drums sitting on her childhood basement floor that allowed her to follow along to countless Green Day songs). Luckily she eventually purchased a full kit which led her to play in groups such as Explode&Rebuild, Whiskey Trench, the Sainte Catherines, Young Galaxy, Loud Lary Ajust and Dig It Up. She’s toured North America, Europe, ventured to Iceland, and has visited more corners of Quebec than she could have ever imagined. She’s also been featured in Tom Tom Magazine and the Advocate and continues to push the boundaries of gender roles in the music industry.

Melanie Kaye

Melanie Kaye

Melanie Kaye PR

My name is Melanie Kaye. I have been working in the music business for over 30 years in a variety of capacities including booking, managing, publicity, marketing, event planning and festival consulting, to name a few. I run my own PR company called Melanie Kaye PR (www.melaniekayepr.com).

Sarah Litt

Paquin Artist Agency and music journalist

“I started booking ska/punk shows at 15 out of pure small town boredom and somehow ended up making a career out of it – currently working at Paquin Artists Agency with bands like The Flatliners, Chixdiggit, A Wilhelm Scream etc. I also ran my own music site -MusicSheBlogged- reviewing and interviewing bands for almost a decade, and now host a monthly radio show called ‘Litt, Don’t Give A Shit’ on PunkRockRadio.ca for shitz’n’gigz.”

Cindy Caron

Musician, Teenage X

From the suburbs of Quebec City to the downtown core of Toronto, Cindy Caron has been making a name for herself one snare hit after another since packing up her car with only her drum kit and a suitcase to move to the big city . With 20 years of playing, over 500 shows under her belt, gear endorsements, TV and radio appearances, tours and multiple recordings out, Cindy is now a well-established drummer in the Canadian music scene. For the last few years, she has also been working in Music Licensing. After years of playing punk rock with bands like Unbelievers and Plan 37, she recently reunited with the power pop band Teenage X.

Penelope Stevens

Penelope Stevens

Visual artist and musician, Motherhood

Penelope Stevens is a visual artist and musician living in Fredericton, NB. When she’s not playing with her band, Motherhood, she’s making zines, going to shows, or petting her cats. Penelope is a grantwriter and arts administrator that is involved in many of NB’s best festivals, and former president of the Shifty Bits Cult.