Pouzza Grand Slam

Baseball tournament

For a fourth consecutive year, Pouzza Fest presents Grand Slam, 4th edition.

What’s Pouzza Grand Slam? It’s a baseball tournament held during our punk rock festival to help networking between professionals, businesses, partners and medias, while playing ball games in a friendly setting.


Lafontaine Park

No pass or ticket required

LF1: Field #1 / LF2: Field #2


8:00LF1: Punk Rock Radio vs Duprince
LF2: Nobody's Darling vs Rock la Cauze
9:15LF1: Pouzza Expos vs Trou du Diable
LF2: Murdoch vs DesBouleaux
10:30LF1: Nobody's Darling vs Trou du Diable
LF2: Punk Rock Radio vs DesBouleaux
11:45LF1: Pouzza Expos vs Rock la Cauze
LF2: Duprince vs Murdoch
13:00LF1: Nobody's Darling vs Pouzza Expos
LF2: Duprince vs DesBouleaux
14:15LF1: Punk Rock Radio vs Murdoch
LF2: Trou du Diable vs Rock la Cauze
LF1: Finale: Division A vs Division B

Baron Grand Slam - Team Lowell